Qaenat is a gulf-based establishment, Founded in Dubai, license number: 806626, It is modern high -level commercial establishment specializing in selling and marketing high quality food. Our products are diverse in varieties and origin.



Leadership in providing food products with international specifications and delicious taste to convey happiness by enriching the tables and providing healthy food to customers.
To be a leading company locally and globally by providing and delivering luxury health products that take into consideration the diversity of customer tastes and exceptional services ,Which is our daily work.
Do our utmost to implement the best international quality standards in the food sector in line with international and Arab standards and to suit the needs and desires of our customers everywhere.
Always strive to be the trusted link between producers and customers and contribute to the development and dissemination of useful health food in the community through communication and research with all parties.
We also strive for consistency and harmony between the acquisition of new expertise and professional competencies in selling and finding innovative solutions that make it much easier for our customers and workers in the environment of the highest standards of quality , commitment and transparency and gain the love ,the respect from who deal with us.